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Web Design Services

Website Design is instrumental in developing your brand and a strong online presence.

Golf Fusion's approach to website design is to collaborate with our clients to formulate a vision and bring that vision to fruition.

We typically complete our websites in 10-15 business days, working through a logistical checklist outlining tasks on both sides. The design process does not end until our clients are 100% satisfied with the end result.

The list below provides you with a sampling of websites Golf Fusion has designed for different types of clients. They are LIVE so visit any of them to take a closer look.

For more information on Golf Fusion's E-Commerce System, please contact us at 650-595-5512 or email us.

Event Management

Golf Fusion has integrated this Event Management system into our website, so clubs can promote and manage every aspect of their events online, for every event type.

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Member Management

Member Management is critical in today's world of Social Networking. People hear about Facebook and Twitter, and wonder whether their own club can create a similar sense of "Community".

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Lesson Management

Interactive Lesson Managament helps Instructors capture new students, better manage current students and generate a 15-20% increase in Lesson bookings.

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ECommerce System

Golf Fusion's websites come bundled with 6 e-commerce engines to promote revenue generation. These include New Member registrations, Event payments, Lesson bookings, Webstore purchases, Gift certificates & Tee Time sales.

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Email Management

When looking to develop our Email Management system, we reviewed many of the best systems on the market.

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Website Design

Website Design is critical to forging a strong identity when users visit. It needs to have great visual appeal, easy navgiation, and just the right amount of content so as to not overwhelm the user.

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