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Interactive Solutions

Private/Associate Clubs

Golf Fusion's interactive Club Manager is the ultimate membership website.

  • It enables members to sign up (and pay) for events on-line, view pairings and tee times, member profiles, instant results and more.
  • It's web-based tournament software program manages pairings, tee times, scorecards, results, and posting scores.
  • It's constant link into the GHIN and EZLinks handicap systems means that every member's index is always current on the website.

To experience this system first-hand, please click here, and login with "bobby" as username and "jones" as password.

As you navigate around, you will see the variety of interactive tools members have at their disposal, that enhance club commnications, event participation and a tighter sense of community.

Public/Semi-Private Courses

Golf Fusion's interactive website is an ideal business system for public and semi-private courses, possessing applications that trigger revenue generation in 6 different ways.

  • Annual and Seasonal Memberships
  • Corporate and Charity Tournaments
  • Private Lessons, Group Clinics and Training Camps
  • Gift Certificates and Webstore Specials

With this level of interactivity, users return to the website more often to see what is going on and what they can sign up for. This is combined with a state-of-the-art email marketing system that maximizes deliverability, tracks vital statistics, provides multiple templates and deals with all anti-spam criteria.

To experience this interactive website first-hand, please click here. As you navigate around, you will see the variety of ways you can interact with the site, many of which can lead to a buying decision.

Golf Instructors

Golf Fusion also supports instructors via our unique lesson management system.

  • Set up clinics and camps that students can sign up and pay for on-line.
  • Manage your training schedule so students can book & pay for Lessons on-line.
  • Manage student profiles (lesson notes, videos) that your students can access on the site.
  • Create content for students to review (video tips, training tools, etc.)

This system can be similarly applied for tennis instructors and other appointment type businesses and is instantly available (no hardware, software or installation).

To experience this interactive website first-hand, please click here.